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No great terroir exists without the human willpower to reveal it. Domaine Ampélidacées is no exception to this rule, thanks to the outstanding personality of Dominique Auroy.

A lover of pleasurable, fruity, elegant wines, he has passed on this philosophy to his collaborators. To grow wine under this latitude, to develop the quality of production, that is the challenge he set for himself in the 1990’s. Reinventing the vineyard in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and prompting it to give its very best, such is the work undertaken on Polynesian soil.

Sébastien Thépénier leads the domaine’s technical staff. This oenologist carries on the work of his predecessors (Thierry Chaumais, Bruno Corneaux) at the domaine since 2002. His experience and his love of wine give him the passion and skill to care for the vineyard and the winemaking process.

A vineyard does not come to life without a motivated team that likes a job well done. Jacqueline, vineyard manager, Landry, Lucien, Rootoroa, Temarii, Naomie, have all brought a little bit of themselves into this adventure. The wine you taste also tells their story.

Organic conversion

Since its beginnings, the domaine tries to encourage natural balance by careful winegrowing. This practice aims at keeping the vineyard in harmony with its environment, the mark of terroir and the climate peculiar to each vintage.

Since October 2010, our team has started an organic approach, committed to sustainability and ethics : an important step for the vineyard’s image.

Ecocert is the only organic certification body authorized to control winegrowing operations and issue the "organic farming" certification and the AB logo.

In the Pacific region, the POETCom ( Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community) is also able to award the Oceania Organic Farming norm and the Bio Pasifika seal.

The love of their trade, the respect of the environment and a humanist philosophy are the values shared by the makers of Vin de Tahiti in Polynesia. If you have to have a reason for drinking organic, this one alone would be enough.


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