Welcome to the Domaine Vin de Tahiti

In Rangiroa, in the heart of the Tuamotu Archipelago, we are lucky to work on an entirely new "terroir", in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…

In order to grow exceptional wine, our domaine develops know-how and techniques adapted to Polynesian soil.

Our wines are harvested, vinified and raised at the domaine, according to the high standards we apply to our entire production. Their freshness is undoubtedly the main characteristic of the wines of Tahiti, as well as their mind-blowing aroma. Today the vineyard of Rangiroa produces only white wines (Blanc de corail , Clos du Récif and Blanc moelleux) and rosé wine (rosé Nacarat).

We invite you to discover the adventure of Vin de Tahiti : the story of men and women profoundly attached to their terroir, which they are eager to reveal and share through surprising wines with a unique identity.


Vin de Tahiti is made in the heart of the South Pacific, in the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia, a territory that includes over 100 islands and atolls, more than 5000 kilometers from the nearest continent. Islands only represents a total land surface of 1622 square miles, scattered over an area equivalent to Europe.

The vineyard is located on Rangiroa, "the island of the immense sky", in paumotu dialect : one of the world’s largest atolls, some say almost large enough to contain the island of Tahiti itself. The atoll, already famous among deep-sea divers for the beauty of the coral reefs of its two ocean passes, is now also known for its wine.

It is grown on a small motu (islet), a few minutes’ boat ride from the village of Avatoru and a 55-minute flight from Tahiti.

On the motu, at the end of the coral road lined with coconut trees, the first rows of vine stocks appear…

This is Domaine Ampélidacées, where the vine grows a hundred yards away from the lagoon and less than 400 yards from the great ocean.


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